Monday, January 5, 2009


Finally! A new post! I'll try and make this one worth reading.
Now that the holidays are over, things have gone back to normal. Except normal for
 me in the new year is being sick.  I ha ve had a nasty cold since New Years Eve, that won't quite seem to break. My Christmas was WONDERFUL! I had the perfect amount of family and friends in each day! 
The Saturday before Christmas, was our Graphic Design Pajama girls night, where we made some AMAZING fondue, opened Secret Santa presents, and played Guitar Hero until 3am. It was a great time!

The Sunday before Christmas, Amy, Jamie & I had our annual X-Mas wrapping party. Which means we make tons of food for the 3 of us, drink a lot of wine, and watch Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, and this year we added in Superbad (because that movie is basically the best).
Christmas Eve we spend with my dad's side of the family. And I made cheesy potatoes and garlic green beans and bacon. My mom made ham and rolls and dinner was delicious!
Later that night we opened presents via the internet with Chuck's sister and family. Where I think I got the best present ever. A coach purse. Fabulous.

Chuck and I exchanged gifts Christmas Eve as well... he got me a pen tablet, since now I am a grown up, and need my presents to be for work. ;-) Its pretty amazing though. I have never seen anything like it! Among other stuff, it is my favorite.

Christmas Day is ALWAYS very busy... First we go to Chucks grand parents, and then have to rush to my grand parents, and then to my parents house to open gifts. Its very tiring, but always fun to see everyone!

The Friday after Christmas was our 6TH ANNUAL BEST FRIENDS FOREVER PARTY.
I missed them all so much!

And then there is the annual Christmas dinner that Chuck and I go to! Last year we went to Lolita in Tremont. Which is Michael Symon from Iron Chef's restaurant. It was very good.
But this year we went to his OTHER restaurant downtown called Lola, which was PHENOMENAL. Definitely out most expensive dinner yet, but so worth it!

Last years dinner:

This years dinner:

New years was horrible. I started getting sick New Years Eve in the morning, and I was working that day. Work was a disaster because my brand new computer got a horrible virus and the hard drive had to be wiped out and taken to be repaired. New Years Eve night I spent with Chuck and his family. We played the Wii and ate a bunch of food. New Years weekend I stayed home sick almost everyday. Except yesterday I ventured to the Southpark mall with  my Aunt Janie to go to Forever21. I was ready to lay down some dough, but only bought a few things. I wasn't impressed.

This blog seems to be getting pointless.

Anyways, the highlight of my vacation I fell in love with Kevin's dog and I NEED to get one!

My New Years Resolution I'm sure is the same as every girls. I gained 6lbs this holiday. I haven't worked out in a long while. Which is strange for me because I like to work out. So I'm going to make myself get back into it. When the weather breaks, I'll start running outside again. I can't wait to summer

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

Countdown to VEGAS/SALT LAKE:
 23 days!!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello Everyone!

This is my first time blogging, but everyone seems to enjoy these now-a-days, so I decided to try and keep everyone updated that I don't get to see on a regular basis! Check back frequently for updates to see what's going on in my crazy life! Love you all!

Here's a pic to keep you on the edge of your seats: